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5 Best Fjallraven Kanken Square Backpack Ideas

There are a lot of reasons to buy a Fjallraven Kanken square backpack, and we’ve listed five of the best below. The backpack has a simple design, a boxy look, and a variety of different colors. While it may not be the most functional backpack, it’s still an excellent option for travelers. With its rectangular shape, Kanken square backpack keeps items organized and make accessing all items a breeze.

Unique Design of

The Fjallraven also has an extra foam pad on its back panel, which prevents the contents from poking your back while you’re using it. The foam pad is removable, and can even be used as a seat cushion if necessary. While the Kanken hip pack isn’t perfect for laptops, it does hold Chromebooks, tablets, and other small electronics. If you’re planning on using it for school or college, this bag is probably the best choice.

Durable Backpack

Another great feature of Fjallraven Kanken square backpack is their durability. Most of their models feature a leather outer bag. You can also choose synthetic leather if you’d prefer something more durable. You can also buy an optional zipper cover for extra protection for your laptop. And because Fjallraven Kanken bags are using high-quality materials, they’re comfortable and practical. The bag emphasizes longevity and efficiency. This is because the square shape cuts down on fabric waste, since round shapes require the cutting of fabric into square-edged sheets. A reflective logo on the side adds to the design.

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Comfortable Kanken VSCO Backpack

The Kanken vsco backpack is padded on the back to keep it flat and comfortable. This bag also doubles as a purse or backpack during long treks. The vinylon-F material makes Fjallraven Kanken square backpack easy to clean. During one of Tim’s treks through Sri Lanka, he battered his . However, he returned it looking as good as new!

A Fjallraven vsco backpack is an ideal choice for a schoolgirl. It features a front pocket, side pocket, and two adjustable shoulder straps. Its environmentally-friendly design makes it perfect for frequent travel. Moreover, it supports the Arctic Fox Initiative. These unique backpacks are very popular among women, and they are sold in more than 40 countries. So, whether you’re looking for a backpack for yourself or your little girl, the Fjallraven Kanken Square Backpack is the perfect choice.

for Everyday Use

The is another great option if you’re looking for a bag for daily use. Its 16-liter capacity makes it suitable for school or college use, and it also doubles as a diaper bag if needed. Its zipper goes all the way to the bottom of the bag, making access to it a breeze. Moreover, it comes with an ID tag.

Another great option is the Kanken tote bag. This totepack is also using durable waxed fabric, making it easy to use and convenient to use. The bag features an interior zip pocket and a side slip pocket for storing your keys, wallet, and other important items. And the straps are adjustable, so you can adjust the size to fit your needs.

If you’re looking for a smaller backpack, a Kanken is the best choice. Its 16-liter capacity makes it a great option for day trips or a small carry-on bag, but it isn’t a good option for people with a lot of electronics. This backpack also doesn’t feature many pockets, but its spacious zippered front pocket will store most of your belongings.

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